The Leading Islamic Lending Financial Institution in Afghanistan


Afghan Rural Finance Company (ARFC) is an Afghan non-Bank financial institution registered with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency, and operates throughout the country.

Established on 2007, registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) under License # 25691, with its own identity.

ARFC has Ten years of experience lending to diverse businesses throughout Afghanistan. In order to pave the way for the Afghanistan people to grow up country (GDP) Gross demotic product and decrease the unemployment rate.

ARFC offers commercial debt capital to any business or individual that improves the local, regional or national economy by creating jobs and growing rural enterprises in Afghanistan. Urban-based companies and individuals will also be eligible when the activity of the enterprise being financed benefits rural areas.

ARFC is a Small and Medium enterprise (SME) to help for development of better financial status so you can meet your business requirements and contribute to economic growth in the country. ARFC is your business partner working together to design a loan with the right financing structure to meet your targeted business objectives. Our goal is to have a long term relationship with our clients.

ARFC stepped into banking sector to contribute to economic development of the Country. The main motive of ARFC is to polish the Afghan community and to prosper their work. To provide platform for growth of Trade, manufacture, services and many other activities which can be fruitful to nation. We wish to give hand to Government in developing an economically strong country.

ARFC serves customers in urban and regional centers that link producers to market and create significant employment opportunities at all levels of society. The lending services are for both male and female clients, we are supporting females equally in all fields of whether loan or employment.

Core Values

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